Meet the founder



Chinenye Onuorah is a Brand Consultant at Regalo Ventures, Founder/Project Director at Regalo Hope Foundation.

Chinenye is an outgoing, creative and thoughtful individual with over ten years of experience in the non-profit sector. Chinenye is a strong advocate for decent and healthy living, quality education for all and selfless service to humanity.

Chinenye has received professional training from LEAP Africa, NYAP, Yali Network and Alison Institute in Youth Leadership, Public speaking and Management strategies. As the Founder and Project Director at Regalo Hope Foundation.

She has won several national and international awards and graced national and international platforms as a speaker.

Chinenye Onuorah can aptly be described as a humanitarian whirlwind blowing hard on the core of humanity. Ranging from the homeless that the society has turned their backs on, those that cannot meet the daily mark of existence otherwise described as poor. The widows, needy, homeless, abandoned etc. All categories of the rejected in the society. Through her work, lives have been positively transformed. This woman with a heart of gold has given her heart to the people on the streets and those in the very odd corners of economic deprivation, thereby adding tangible value to the society.

Chinenye is in pursuit of SDG 3, 4, 8 and 17. She mentors women in the slum and helps them via her Regalo Hope Foundation with capital to start off petty trade. She runs a mentoring club for teenagers in 10 schools in Nigeria.
She has awarded educational scholarship to over 350 children via her foundation.
She has also organized several community charity outreach in disadvantaged communities.
She is also addressed by her Chieftaincy Title, Otu Obuad 1 of Orunghe Bawop Cross river state. This came about as an act of gratitude from the community whose only health center was renovated by her even before she registered her charity organization.